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Soothe Summer Anger thru Ayurveda lifestyle philosophy Jun 15, 2021

3 Chill Pills

to Soothe Summer Anger

with Traci Webb



1. Do not postpone your meals - this will overheat your liver (the "seat of anger") and will eat away at your reserve energy ("ojas") leaving you with dimished endurance to stress and more likely to flare up for no reason. 


2. Take small Daily Vacations - get outside into the healing powers of...

Ayurvedic Psychology of Politics philosophy Nov 06, 2020

Ayurvedic Psychology of Politics


Ayurveda says that whatever you find in the world. You will find within yourself. 

The saying goes:  "Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande".

Translated as "whatever is in the microcosm is also in the macrocosm", (pindanda = microcosm and brahmanda = macrocosm)

Meaning whatever is in you, is in the universe. Whatever is in the universe is in you.

From the...

Black Lives Matter. Channeling Fire & Taking Action lifestyle philosophy Jun 09, 2020

Channeling Anger about Social Injustices...

We are witnessing a planetary shift in consciousness.

A time when violence and brutality against our black brothers and sisters is no longer tolerated.   A time where other nationalities and countries across the planet are at long last reaching out their hands, their voices, their pocket...


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