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Meet Glady McGarey - 102-Year-Old Doctor & Mother of Holistic Medicine & Her Secrets to Happiness & Health at Any Age guest life-coaching lifestyle philosophy Feb 28, 2024

Meet 102-Year-Old Doctor and "Mother of Holistic Medicine" Dr. Gladys McGarey as she shares about her  secrets to happiness and health at any age, love as the greatest medicine, the inner physician, meeting Mahatma Gandhi, and her 10-year plan!


Increase Your Income & Grow Your Business by Adding Ayurveda with Stephanie von Meeteren life-coaching testimonial Jan 23, 2024

Increase Your Income and Grow Your Business by Adding Ayurveda to Your Offerings with Stephanie von Meeteren. Learn how Stephanie increased her income and her impact by adding Ayurveda to her Yoga Therapy offerings. To learn more about: Ayurveda Life Mastery: Health & Life Coach & Nutritionist Training.

Reclaiming Your Power to Heal Yourself & Healing Gut & Mental Health Challenges thru Ayurveda with Delaney Bray life-coaching lifestyle testimonial Jan 10, 2024

In this episode, we speak to Delaney Bray an Ayurvedic Living School graduate who shares about her "Whole Life Transformation" and becoming invincible, self-confident, self-compassionate, optimistic and armed with the Ayurveda Invincibility Tools & Life Skills through Ayurveda School and how she not only healed her gut, and digestive issues but also healed her mental health and...

πŸ¦„8 Signs You're a Born Healer with Traci Webb life-coaching lifestyle philosophy Nov 29, 2023

Ever wonder if you're meant to be a healer? How do you know for sure? Wondering if ayurveda is right for you? Here are 8 Signs You're a Born Healer with Traci Webb (Ayurvedic Living School Founding Director). 

πŸ¦‹Lack of Willpower ISN'T Your Problem life-coaching lifestyle philosophy Oct 30, 2023


Lack of Willpower ISN'T Your Problem

Raise your hand if you think you lack willpower.

We women struggle with food addictions, we struggle with lack of exercise, staying up late, getting up late and a self-care to-do list a mile long which never gets checked off.

We think our problem is our lack of willpower. In reality, our problem...


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