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The Power of Magnesium to Heal in Ayurveda with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum herbs lifestyle Apr 29, 2022

Discover the vast benefits and many uses of magnesium, signs of deficiency and why it's the mineral most utilized by the body for the widest variety of functions with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum. 


To learn more about magnesium check out Dr. Teitelbuam's website:

Curry Leaves: How to store herbs lifestyle recipes May 17, 2021


How to store...


Learn a quick and easy Ayurveda secret tip to store curry leaves long term in the freezer to retain their flavor, aroma, color and the awesomeness that is curry leaves with Traci Webb.

Ayurveda Lung Support for Smoky Skies... herbs lifestyle Sep 14, 2020

What to do to support your lungs during a smoky air wildfire crisis?

The epithelial cells of your lungs are the delicate inner "lining" where the environment and lung cells interface.  It's here that toxins and damage from what we breathe in will first create an imbalance and deposit toxins.

Here are few simple protocols, herbs and foods to arm you with some ayurvedic lung armor during...


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