Ayurveda Herbalist Training

9-Months to Create an Irreversible Shift from Sick to Self-Healer & Launch a Career Aligned with Your Calling!

Online Certification Program

Doors Close March 7, 2023


We Grow Ayurveda Herbalists!

Heal yourself & others naturally thru herbs, foods & lifestyle therapies!   


Learn to heal all common imbalances in all bodily systems naturally


Create customized herbal formulations 


Make your own herbal remedies!


 Learn over 100+ herbs & traditional herbal & mineral preparations


Learn Ayurveda Body Reading Skills to assess energetic imbalances in the body before they happen


Launch a career good you, others & the planet!

Become the healer you were born to be...

Launch a Career that Makes Your Soul Sing

Heal Yourself & Others Naturally...


Ayurveda Herbalist Training


*We offer 3 different non-sequential online trainings listed below which make up our complete women-centered Ayurveda Herbalist Training. Students may take the trainings in any order.

Foundations & Core Systems:


Doors Close March 7, 2023

Payplan: $1499 deposit (+ $196 x 5 months)

Women, Reproduction & Beyond:


August 1 - December 12, 2023

Payplan: $1499 deposit (+ $196 x 5 months)

Ayurveda Herbalist Training & Internship:


August 1 - December 12, 2023

Payplan: $1499 deposit (+ $196 x 5 months)

BUNDLE DISCOUNT: Saves $501-$1001 when you bundle 2 or 3 programs!

What our students say...

"Completing the Ayurvedic Herbalist Trainings gave me not just the knowledge but also the wisdom to heal bodily imbalances. The diversity of healing philosophies from the different teachers made this a very enriching experience. The hands-on medicine making immersions and internship helped bring the knowledge to life. I am deeply grateful to the school for the confidence I now have as I work with clients to help them jumpstart their health." 
~ Mariam Balasubramanian
~ Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate

What our students say...

"The Ayurveda Herbalist trainings changed my life in so many ways! My personal and professional life have changed and grown in ways I could not expect. I learned so much and am so grateful for everything I gained in the trainings!"

~ Lynn Hanger ~
Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate

"I really appreciate everything you did for us and the tremendous health benefits I got from taking both Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings!! I really don’t know where I would be without the programs. My menorrhagia is gone. I went from 4 days in bed each month, in pain, anemic, no energy, to normal menses, no problems. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!"

~ Katie Horowitz ~
Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate

"The Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings have truly been an amazing experience and opportunity. I totally suggest anyone wanting to learn this way of living to join. It's amazing! The community & resources are so helpful. It's helped me sooo much with understanding myself & helping me open up. It's helped me with communicating my feelings & thoughts. This program has changed me in so many good ways this has been an amazing journey and I will do it again!!! Thank you to the Ayurvedic Living School team❤️❤️"

~ Brittany Rucker ~
Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate, Owner ~ Beatyntheherbs

"The Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings were a game changer in my wholistic western herbalist approach to life. The trainings widened my perspective and gave me a deeper understanding to healing ourselves through the Ayurvedic lens of self care. The training set a foundation for a future of healing myself and helping others heal themselves through an Ayurveda lifestyle and the addition of herbs when necessary. The school community and teachers were very inspiring and I feel as if I have a sense of community for life. I am truly blessed having been given this opportunity to participate in the Ayurveda Herbalist Training. "

~ Fallon Orr ~
Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate

"The Ayurvedic Herbalist trainings have provided me with many valuable skills that I use both in my personal and work life. After completing ALS's programs, I developed the confidence to launch an Integrative Health Program at my work place. I now offer holistic consults, and prepare personal ayurvedic herbal formulas for my patients. I have an active practice in medicine as a Nurse Practitioner in a Community Health Center and am required to see 16-20 patients per day addressing simple and complex health problems. I have studied many alternative health modalities over the years, but my knowledge of Ayurveda has allowed me to identify and treat the dosha out of balance and look more deeply at the root issues. The program gave me a plethora of practical knowledge that I continue to utilize in my practice." ~ Lisa Hoyt, Ayurvedic Practitoner, Ayurvedic Herbalist, Nurse Practitioner, Ayurvedic Herbalist & Ayurveda Life Mastery (formerly Ayurvedic Living Program) graduate, ALS, Arcata, CA"

~ Lisa Hoyt ~
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nurse Practitioner, ALS Graduate

"I took the Ayurveda Herbalist training because I have been interested in both Ayurveda and Herbalism for a few years and I thought why not try both?! What a beautiful program and combination. This program would be great for anyone who is already a western herbalist wanting to expand their knowledge or anyone who is interested in Ayurveda and wants to dive head first into common imbalances and how to see them from the wholistic perspective! From this course I gained more than I ever would have imagined, including self-confidence, life-long friends, and clarity for the future."

~ Shawn Specht ~
Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate

"To say that the Ayurvedic Living School has transformed my life would be an understatement. I came to Ayurveda broken, fragile and scared. I emerged happy, healthy and confident. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend all of the ALS programs."

~ Anne Allen ~
Ayurveda Life MasteryTM (formerly Ayurvedic Living Program) & Ayurveda Herbalist Program Graduate

"I am so very grateful to have found Ayurveda. I love everything about it. Nothing has ever felt so right to me. This is exactly where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing...having this background and tools to use allows me to truly take care of my patients and I am so grateful to be able to use this to help people."

~ Amanda Gray ~
Ayurvedic Herbalist Trainings Graduate

"When I first found the program I was searching for something I could do in light of the fact my massage office had been closed down due to covid. I have studied Ayurveda for years so was very excited to find something I could do online and something I believed strongly in and knew something about. The journey towards my goal of becoming a health and longevity coach :) has been a bit long dream I have accomplished. I look forward to sharing the valuable life skills I have learned here with others and feel like I will be able to build a very fulfilling and successful business from what I have learned."

~ Roblynn Neumann ~
Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate

"The Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings give insight as to how lifestyle impacts our health and how the elements being out of balance can slowly cause disease. With this course, I learned how to incorporate lifestyle and herbs when needed to live my best life. Best of all, I can share this information with my loved ones."

~ Kelly Duvall ~
Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate

"The herbalist program was the light for me in a dark time, and it changed my life in ways that were better than I could imagine. This course definitely packs years of knowledge into less than a year and it was a running start into Ayurveda. The teachers, coaches, and special seasonal lectures make this program truly one of a kind."

Shawn Specht
Ayurveda Herbalist Student

Foundations & Core Systems Training

Doors Close: March 7, 2023

Dive Deep Into Ayurveda Foundations,  Imbalance Management Philosophy & Assessment Skills Practice

Steep in the Power of Ayurveda Herbal Energetics, Learn proper dosage, timing, duration and formulation

Healing Digestive System Imbalances and the Gut

Healing of Cardiovascular & Blood Imbalances

Healing of Respiratory Imbalances & Flus


Women, Reproduction & Beyond Training

Meets: August 1-December 12, 2023


Healing Nervous System & Psychological Imbalances

Healing Endocrine, Thyroid, Adrenal & Immune Imbalances

Healing of Pain, Bones & Sense Organ Imbalances

Women's Cycles (menstruating, mother, menopause), Healing of Female Reproductive System Imbalances, Pregnancy Care, Menopause & Children

Healing Male Reproductive, Urinary, Obesity, & Blood Sugar Imbalances

Ayurveda Herbalist Training & Internship

Meets: August 1-December 12, 2023

4.5-Month professional training for those on the Ayurveda Herbalist/Practitioner path. Support real clients and grow your clinical ayurveda and herbalist skills while gaining the experience, support & confidence necessary to launch your professional ayurveda/herbal practice. Save decades by studying with Traci Webb, a seasoned practitioner with decades of clinical experience, who knows the challenges of our western lifestyle!

Monthly Community Clinics with Traci Webb,  Students will exponentially grow their ayurveda and clinical skills and benefit from consulting with clients and case study discussions with Traci Webb whose been in clinical practice for 22 years. Observe Traci in clinical sessions and be observed as well in group format. Together, we'll formulate a complete ayurveda treatment program for each client including customized herbal formulations, recipes, foods and lifestyle therapies. Students also have the opportunity to be seen in the clinic as a client while space remains.

Ayurveda Herbal Internship:  During their 4.5-month herbal internship, students will support clients by creating a customized ayurveda treatment program for them including customized herbal formulations, foods, recipes and lifestyle therapies. Their first client will be their peer partner. Students have 4 months to complete their internship and may add-on a 6-month extension if needed.

 Monthly Private Ayurveda Case-Study Discussion Sessions. Get the kind of one-on-one support,  guidance, and clarification you need to take your ayurveda, clinical and client support skills to the next level. Students will meet for private 60-minute Ayurveda Health Sessions with their assigned certified Ayurveda Herbalist Practitioner. These sessions provide interns the personal case-study Q&A time needed to refine their herbal formulation, client communication, imbalance assessment and constitutional assessment skills. 

Ayurveda Coaching Business in a Box: Students will save hundreds of hours through receiving their ayurveda coaching "business in a box" including all client intake forms and client handouts necessary to get their ayurveda practice up and running!


Weekly Video Lessons with Traci Webb

Learn ayurveda imbalance management and herbalism step-by-step with Traci Webb through weekly pre-recorded video lessons delivered right to your inbox. Discover Ayurveda's unique view of how disease happens and how to heal those imbalances naturally through specific foods, herbs and lifestyle therapies.

Weekly Live Classes with Traci Webb & Other World Class Ayurveda Guides

Enjoy weekly live classes with world class senior ayurveda teachers each with 10-30+ years experience each in learning, living, teaching and offering ayurveda health sessions and panchakarma through their clinical clinical practices. Be guided through ayurveda step-by-step and getting your questions answered. All classes are recorded in case you miss.

3-Day Ayurveda Body Reading & Clinical Assessment Skills Training

3 Days LIVE with Traci Webb. Learn to assess yours and others constitution and imbalance tendencies thru learning to read the body, face, tongue, voice and learn ayurveda pulse basics. Includes discussion, demonstration and peer partner practice. 100% online 3-day immersion.

Embodied Ayurveda Retreat

3 Days LIVE with Traci Webb. Experience hands-on what it means to take exquisite care of yourself through Ayurveda's daily and seasonal self-care rituals from the comfort of home. Students will learn daily warm oil and exfoliating massage, daily facial regimen, weekly aromatic herbal facial steam, weekly oral, ear, sinus and eye care and recipes for weekly nourishing and detox herbal and aromatic baths and more! PLUS discover habit evolution hacks to help you dial in your ayurveda self-care rituals to build a deeply nourishing daily routine. 

Seasonal Ayurveda Herbal Remedies Making Immersions

with Jennifer Wiest & Xiommy Rohena. Enjoy seasonal Llve hands-on Ayurvedic herbal medicine making immersions. Students will learn to make traditional ayurvedic and western herbal medicines to stay blissful and balanced in each season. Including herbal ghees, herbal massage oils, herbal nasyas, herbal jams, herbal wines, herbal tinctures and more! Recipes and shopping lists provided.

Private Ayurveda Health Sessions

with our certified Ayurveda Herbalist Practitioner Graduates. Get the kind of ongoing one-on-one  support you need to take your health and life to the next level in your 60-minute private Ayurveda Health Sessions with our certified Ayurveda Herbalists/Practitioners. Understand your constitutional strengths and challenges. A customized ayurveda program will be designed just for you including: lifestyle, nutrition and herbal formulations. These sessions provide you the consistent personal support needed to transform your health and life.

Peer Growth & Practice Pods

Activate your health, and grow your ayurveda and clinical skills within a safe community container as you move throughout the program.  Receive ongoing support, accountability, collaboration and amplification. Peer Pods provide students an invaluable opportunity to practice ayurveda assessment skills, herbal formulating skills and make new ayurveda BFFs!

Seasonal Self-Care Retreats, Rituals & Celebrations with Traci Webb, Vijaya Stern & Mamta Landerman

Celebrate the changing of the seasons and of your life in our 3 seasonal retreats and community wide group guided rituals. Students will learn best foods, spices, drinks, cooking methods and special lifestyle therapies for staying balanced as we move thru the seasons of the year and the seasons of your life from youth, to middle age, to the golden years!

Seasonal Group Detoxes (Shaktidetox™️) with Traci Webb

Join our 3 communitywide seasonal detoxes and learn about the 4 types of toxins at the root of many imbalances and how to detox them as together we release the old and create space for who you're becoming in our 3-week long seasonal group guided online detoxes. Experience deep release and renewal of your body, heart and home as you explore and release the 4 types of toxins (including EMF, chemicals, ama and more!). 3 Times a year our community comes together to regroup, reset, rejuvenate and realign with their deeper yearnings for the next chapter of their life.These detoxes are both educational and explorational in nature and provide experience guidance through each step of our signature Shaktidetox along with community support in small breakouts to explore what's coming up for us.

LIVE Monthly Ayurveda Cooking Classes with Xiommy Rohena & Downloadable Seasonal Ayurveda Nutrition Courses with Traci Webb

Learn to make ayurveda staple foods, drinks & snacks as we move thru each season. Including detoxifying, nourishing & anti-inflammatory recipes. Learn best tastes, preparation methods, foods, spices & drinks for each season. 30 recipes in all delivered to your inbox. (More than 30 recipes included)


Your Virtual Learning Experience:

  • Weekly Live Class with Traci Webb & Guest Guides

  • Weekly Video Lessons (24-hour virtual classroom access)

  • 3-Day Ayurveda Body Reading Skills Training
  • 3-Day Embodied Ayurveda Self-Care Retreat
  • Seasonal Herbal Remedies Making Immersions
  • Private Ayurveda Health Sessions 
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions 
  • Peer Growth & Practice Pods
  • Monthly Ayurveda Cooking Classes
  • Seasonal Group Detoxes
  • Seasonal Nutrition Courses (downloadable) 
  • Textbook delivered to your doorstep!

  • Downloadable Materia Medica & Study Guides

  • 24-Hour Access to Recordings of All Live Classes in case you cannot attend live
  • Annual Pass to Community Membership Portal Including:

    • 20 on-demand ayurveda cooking classes
    • 50 ayurveda recipes in downloadable PDFs
    • 35 on-demand ayurveda self-care classes
    • 40 on-demand yoga classes
  • Private Facebook Community

  • OPTIONAL: Internship Program Includes: 4.5 month Ayurveda Herbal Internship, Monthly Community Clinics & Monthly Intern Supervisor Case-Study Discussion Sessions 

Meet Your Guides

Traci Webb, Founding Director, Lead Teacher, Program Designer, Author, Ayurveda Pathophysiology, SVA Herbal Preparations & Protocols, Internship & Community Clinics

Jennifer Wiest, Community Director, Lead Intern Supervisor, Herbal Remedies Making Immersions, Monthly Q&A Sessions

Vijaya Stern, Ayurveda Naturopath, Tantric Yogini, Ayurveda Pathophysiology, Herbs, Therapeutics, Seasons of Your Life Retreats

Sandhiya Ramaswamy, Ayurveda Pathophysiology, Herbs & Therapeutics

Mary Thompson, Teacher of Teachers, Mentor, Ayurveda Foundations, Pathophysiology & Herbs

Mamta Landerman, President Founder of CAAM, Ayurveda Foundations, & Women's Cycles

Rose Carol, MA Clinical Counseling, SVAyurveda Educator, Pathophysiology & SVA Herbal Preparations & Protocols

Sarah Kruse, Ayurveda Pathophysiology, Herbs, Therapeutics, Pranayama

Xiommy Rohena, Intern Supervisor, Ayurveda Remedies Making Immersions, Ayurveda Cooking Lessons

Selena Rowan, Herbal Sustainability Practices & Herbal Growing Practices from Seed to Harvest

Learn about our Ayurveda Herbalist trainings from our founder Traci Webb





It's time to Step into Professional Visibility!

Establish a Professional Career in the Ayurveda & Herbal Industries!
Students who complete our programs are eligible to apply to AADPAAPNA, AHG & AABC for third party certificates and board certification 

We're proudly associated with


Organizations We Proudly Support...

We put our money where our heart is. Each year we give 10% of all profits to charitable organizations in alignment with the vision we hold for the future including: Just Like My Child (women's leadership training in Africa), Operation Underground Railroad (sex trafficking rescue) & Compassion in World Farming.



Starts February 28, 2023.

Doors Close March 7, 2pm PT.

Space is limited & starting to fill.


2 Investment Options: 

🌺 Option 1 - Payplan (per training)

(Now registering for Foundations Training)


($1499 deposit + $196 x 5 months)



🌺 Option 2 - Pay In Full for 3 Trainings

(Includes: Foundations + Women/Repro + Internship Trainings)

$6436 (Saves $1001)


Days until 2023 Ayurveda Herb School Begins...










Tess Skudlark, Winnetka, CA ~ A Massage Therapist who added Ayurveda Health Consultations and Ayurveda Herbal Products to her practice.



Shiela Dimof, Indianapolis, IN ~ How a Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist added Ayurveda Nutrition, Herbal and Health & Life Coaching Sessions to her practice and doubled her income while in the program...



Watch Shawn Specht found her calling in ayurveda after having gone through the western educational route and how she discovered an easier softer path to health, purpose, confidence & self-care...



Isadora Spearwoman, Sedona, Arizona, is a Doula now incorporating ayurveda into her care of mothers-to-be and babies.



Manjot Bhutta, Canada ~ A Mother who revisited her dreams of learning herbs and ayurveda after raising her family, and healed her anxiety, insomnia & became confident along the way...


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