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Susie Clayton on Chronic Headache Relief and Habit Evolution through Ayurveda Coaching testimonial May 24, 2022

Join beloved Intern Supervisor Mia Hamilton as she interviews one of her first ever coaching students Susie Clayton, who healed her chronic headaches and evolved her habits on the journey to becoming an Ayurveda Coach herself!

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Learn how Mariam awakened to her soul's purpose thru ayurveda... testimonial Mar 17, 2022

Learn how Mariam Balasubramanian awakened to her soul's purpose through studying Ayurveda.

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How Tess Skudlark gained confidence in giving health advice and launched her ayurveda practice testimonial Mar 11, 2022

Learn how Tess gained confidence in giving healing advice to others through graduating the Ayurveda Herbalist Training programs.

We want to empower you to reclaim your health and heal imbalances naturally through herbs, foods and lifestyle therapies known as ayurveda.

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Healing Anxiety, Insomnia & Becoming Confident thru Ayurveda w/Manjot Bhutta testimonial Feb 12, 2022

Learn how to heal anxiety, insomnia and confidence thru ayurveda with Manjot Bhutta Herbal Graduate. Manjot had encounters with herbal medicines at her uncles shop in India as a child. Her love for herb and healing was rekindled during covid and she has taken the opportunity to not only study ayurvedic herbal medicine during the pandemic, but to heal her body, mind and transform her life from...

Lynn Hanger shares about how she healed her body & life while studying ayurveda testimonial Dec 30, 2021

Watch Lynn Hanger, yogini, mom, big-hearted creative & Ayurveda Life Mastery graduate share about her Ayurveda Life Mastery Health & Life Coach Training experience and all the ways it healed not only her anxiety and palpitations, but also her life & career!

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