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Roblynn Neumann on Ayurveda for Longevity testimonial Apr 24, 2023

Join us as bodyworker and Ayurveda Coaching graduate Roblynn Neumann as she explains the way Ayurveda has awakened the passion and knowledge to specialize in Ayurveda for Longevity.

Roxanne Nelson on Ayurveda and Jyotish testimonial Apr 24, 2023

Join Vedic Astrologist and graduate of the Ayurveda Coaching Program, Roxanne Nelson as she talks us through the incredible connections she has made between Ayurvedic medicine and Jyotish!

Annie Ross on Creating Change and Becoming Who You Are with Ayurveda Coaching testimonial Apr 24, 2023

Join Ayurveda Coaching graduate Annie Ross as she walks us through how Ayurveda helped her learn to manifest change and helped her become more deeply who she is!

Sonja Burgal on Healing from Childhood Trauma with Ayurveda testimonial Apr 24, 2023

The greatest reward we can have as Ayurvedic instructors is to watch our students heal themselves! Listen as Sonja Burgal, an Ayurveda Coaching Program graduate, talks us through healing from Childhood Trauma through the holistic self-care practices of Ayurveda. 

Bekka Bright on Creating Health Habits that Stick with Ayurveda testimonial Apr 24, 2023

Self-care comes down to forming health habits which mindfully integrate regular practices for mind, body, and spirit. Join us as we chat with Ayurveda Coaching Program graduate Bekka Bright as we explains how Ayurveda has helped her to find more balance and making self-care a luxurious habit that will stick. 

Shawn Specht on Staying Balanced through Seasonal Shifts testimonial Feb 07, 2023

Join Ayurveda Herbalist Training graduate Shawn Specht as she explains the ways in which she used Ayurveda to learn to vary her diet, life, and more to bring her balance throughout the year.

Naomi Jones on healing from PTSD with Ayurveda testimonial Jan 03, 2023

Join Ayurveda Coaching and Ayurveda Herbalism training graduate Naomi Jones as she discusses how she healed from PTSD including insomnia and anxiety.

Maria Cantu on Finding Tools to Help Yourself and Others with Ayurveda testimonial Dec 06, 2022

Join Ayurveda Coaching and Ayurveda Herbalism Program Graduate, Maria Cantu as she recounts how ill health brought her to Ayurveda and how this ancient practice gave her the tools to help not only herself but others as well!


Sonia Sandhu on Following your Inner Voice with Ayurveda testimonial Nov 01, 2022

Join Sonia Sandhu, who graduated our Ayurveda Coaching Program as she walks us through how she found purpose and passion through Ayurveda and how it helped her learn to follow her own inner voice to her Dharma!

Isadora Spearwoman on Ayurveda for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenthood testimonial Oct 04, 2022

Welcome Isadora Spearwoman, birth and post-partum Doula and graduate of our Ayurveda Herbalism Program as she speaks to us about her passion for life and sustaining life. She walks us through her process of becoming a passionate and powerful practitioner of Ayurveda for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. 


Kerri Midiri on Ayurveda for Acute and Chronic Anxiety testimonial Sep 06, 2022

Join Kerri Midiri, educator and Ayurveda Coaching graduate as she explains how Ayurveda helped her reclaim her mental and physical health and brought balance to her vata dosha. She worked through chronic and acute anxiety symptoms through implementing warming and moisturizing Ayurvedic practices. 

Susie Clayton on Chronic Headache Relief and Habit Evolution through Ayurveda Coaching testimonial May 24, 2022

Join beloved Intern Supervisor Mia Hamilton as she interviews one of her first ever coaching students Susie Clayton, who healed her chronic headaches and evolved her habits on the journey to becoming an Ayurveda Coach herself!

Learn how Mariam awakened to her soul's purpose thru ayurveda... testimonial Mar 17, 2022

Learn how Mariam Balasubramanian awakened to her soul's purpose through studying Ayurveda.

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How Tess Skudlark gained confidence in giving health advice and launched her ayurveda practice testimonial Mar 11, 2022

Learn how Tess gained confidence in giving healing advice to others through graduating the Ayurveda Herbalist Training programs.

We want to empower you to reclaim your health and heal imbalances naturally through herbs, foods and lifestyle therapies known as ayurveda.

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Healing Anxiety, Insomnia & Becoming Confident thru Ayurveda w/Manjot Bhutta testimonial Feb 11, 2022

Learn how to heal anxiety, insomnia and confidence thru ayurveda with Manjot Bhutta Herbal Graduate. Manjot had encounters with herbal medicines at her uncles shop in India as a child. Her love for herb and healing was rekindled during covid and she has taken the opportunity to not only study ayurvedic herbal medicine during the pandemic, but to heal her body, mind and transform her life from...

Lynn Hanger shares about how she healed her body & life while studying ayurveda testimonial Dec 29, 2021

Watch Lynn Hanger, yogini, mom, big-hearted creative & Ayurveda Life Mastery graduate share about her Ayurveda Life Mastery Health & Life Coach Training experience and all the ways it healed not only her anxiety and palpitations, but also her life & career!

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