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Reclaiming Your Power to Heal Yourself & Healing Gut & Mental Health Challenges thru Ayurveda with Delaney Bray

life-coaching lifestyle testimonial Jan 10, 2024

In this episode, we speak to Delaney Bray an Ayurvedic Living School graduate who shares about her "Whole Life Transformation" and becoming invincible, self-confident, self-compassionate, optimistic and armed with the Ayurveda Invincibility Tools & Life Skills through Ayurveda School and how she not only healed her gut, and digestive issues but also healed her mental health and anxiety issues and moved from anxious and overwhelmed about life and her future to being equipped with all the inner and outer tools and life skills and community support necessary to not just face and endure life, but to thrive and become invicible. Our special Ayurveda School is so much more than ayurveda school, it's Ayurveda Invincibility & Whole Life Transformation School!

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