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We Empower Self-Actualizing People

to Become the Catalysts for Healing the Planet Needs at this Time


Now more than ever, we need big hearted healers, empaths, parents and change-makers to connect deeply to the healing powers of nature, their own body, their inner guide, and their ability to bring forth what is within them. Together we are raising the consciousness of the planet and expandiing into the self, family and community healers and leaders we were born to be.

3 Pillars to Actualize Your Destiny


Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom

+ Modern Life-Mastery Skills 

Heal your body and your life. Healing the body requires so much more than healing the body. To be truly healed means bringing light to all the dark places in our life.


Community & Like-minded Friends

The most powerful force for creating lasting healing and transformation is not a doctor or some pills, but the power of community. Plus it's way more fun! Learn and live Ayurveda in a supportive online community of women.

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Mentorship, Support & Guidance

Stop the confusion and overwhelm of going it alone. Cut decades and dollars off your learning curve. Get the kind of ongoing personal support and guidance you need to take your health, life and career to the next level. 

Our Mission

To empower the feminine qualities of love, compassion and care to rise on the planet by teaching self-actualizing serial-givers to find their voice and reclaim their power, purpose, and birthright as self, family and community healers and leaders so that together we co-create heaven on earth. 

Our Community Vision & Values

We are a grassroots community movement who believe there is more to health than healing the body. We believe radiant health comes from a radiant life. We value health and balance in all areas of our life. Including such things as: our body, our environment, our relationships, our creative expression, our sense of purpose, our sense of connection to nature and something greater than ourselves, our sense of adventure, our ability to speak our truth, and our ability to actualize our soul's deepest yearnings. We realize the interdependence of all of life and understand that our health and happiness are intricately interwoven with the web of all of life. Therefore, we educate ourselves, our children and communities to reprioritize nature, nurturance and compassion over profit, power and consumption.

About Our Online Programs

The Ayurvedic Living School (formerly the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda) was founded in 2006 in the city of Arcata, in Humboldt County, Northern California, within the womb of the ancient redwood forests. The Ayurvedic Living School offers online and in-person Ayurveda Trainings and Courses including Ayurveda Health and Life Coach training, Ayurveda Herbalist and Ayurveda Practitioner trainings, Ayurveda Mentorship Programs and more, for personal and professional enrichment. We also offer downloadable ayurveda courses and trainings, as well as in-person Ayurveda retreats and trainings in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California and in beautiful retreat centers around the globe. 

Upcoming Trainings & Workshops...

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Ayurvedic Herbalist/

Practitioner Training

Starts March 2021

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Ayurveda Self-Care Workshop

Spend an afternoon learning and experiencing ayurveda daily self-care rituals like warm-oil self-massage. Melt away stress and tension and restore rest and relaxation. Taught by Traci Webb

March 13, 1-5pm PST
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Ayurveda Assessment Skills Training

Learn to determine yours and others ayurvedic constitution (prakruti) and organs/systems of weakness (virkruti) through face, tongue, speech, bodily, nails, and ayurveda pulse assessment in this 3-Day immersive training with Traci Webb

March 26-28
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Ayurveda Coach Training

(Ayurveda Health & Life Coach Trainings)

Ayurveda Psychology & Relationships Training

Starts July 1, 2021


Get clear on your next chapter & discover which of our trainings are the best fit to help you get there

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What is Ayurveda Health & Life Coaching?

Essentially, it's a total life-make-over! 

More than just a career path, it's a way of orienting towards life which creates continuous personal growth and provides you the skillsets, mindset, and support necessary to actualize your soul's deepet yearnings in all areas of your life.

Heal Your Wheel of Life

During our Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings, students focus on healing the areas of their life which are most in need of healing including: 

  • Health
  • Love
  • Calling (Dharma/Purpose)
  • Family, Friends & Community
  • Impact
  • Abundance
  • Vision & Time Management
  • Home & Belongings
  • Spiritual and Personal Growth
  • Fun, Adventure & Creativity
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Giving Back

We put our money where our heart is.  Healing the planet, animals, children, women, veterans and people in need is a priority for us! Each year the Institute gives 10% of its profits to charitable organizations which are in alignment with the vision we hold for the future.  This means that the trainings you take through the Institute not only enrich your life and that of your family, and community, but our planet at large.  

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