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to Become the Catalysts for Healing the Planet Needs at this Time


Now more than ever, we need big hearted healers, empaths, yoginis, parents and change-makers to connect deeply to the healing powers of nature, reclaim their own body wisdom, and listen to their own inner guidance. The Ayurvedic Living School offers self-empowering ayurveda, coach, and herbalist training programs in Northern California and online to support you in taking back the power to heal yourself, your family  and launch a career aligned with your deeper calling.  We train Ayurveda Health and Life Coaches, Ayurveda Herbalists & Ayurvedic Practitioners in Northern California and online & offer downloadable courses on Ayurveda.  Together we are raising the consciousness of the planet and supporting you to reclaim your birthright as the self, family and community healer and leader you were born to be.

3 Pillars to Actualize Your Destiny



of the East & West

We combine the best of east and west, ancient and modern, for a truly unique life-changing learning experience by combining ayurveda, herbalism, modern life-coaching, cutting edge psychology, habit evolution & mindset medicine. 



The most powerful force for creating lasting healing and transformation the power of community. Plus it's way more fun! Learn and live Ayurveda in a supportive online community of women.

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Mentorship & Guidance

Stop the confusion and overwhelm of going it alone. Cut decades and dollars off your learning curve. Get the kind of ongoing personal support and professional guidance you need to take your health, life and career to the next level. 

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About Our Ayurveda Training Programs

The Ayurvedic Living School was founded in 2006 in the city of Arcata, in Humboldt County, Northern California. In 2018 we began offering Ayurveda & Herbalist training online.  We offer Ayurveda Health & Life Coach Training, Ayurveda Practitioner Training & Herbalist Training in Northern California and online. 

Our Mission

To empower women to reclaim their birthright as self, family and community healers and leaders by providing them with the healing skills and life skills necessary to follow their own inner guidance, find their voice, and step into their brilliance.

Our Community Vision & Values

We believe that when women rise, we all rise. We believe that by empowering and educating women and mothers with the life-skills necessary to heal themselves and raise emotionally intelligent children is the key to the ripple effect which is changing the world! That together we have the power to heal the world one woman and one family at a time.  

Your Guides

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The Ayurvedic Living School is proud to be associated with the following organizations

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Upcoming Ayurveda & Herbalist Trainings...

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Summer Self-Care Retreat & Solstice  Celebration!

with Mamta Landerman
& Sarita Rocco
June 24!
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Ayurveda Herbal Remedies Making Immersion

Summer Remedies Module (Pitta)

with Jennifer Wiest 

& Xiommy Rohena

July 10!

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3-week group detox
Deep release & renewal of body, heart & home

(Summer Module: Pitta, Chemical & Acidic Toxins Focus)

with Rose Carol
July 12-26 
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Ayurveda Health & Life Coach/



Starts July 6, Deadline: June 29!

2023 Doors Open August 1st!

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Ayurveda Herbalist School

2023 Doors Open August 15!

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Ayurveda Practitioner


Starts July 6, Deadline June 29!

2023 Doors Open: August 15!

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Ayurveda Community Membership

Live your Ayurveda & Yoga!

Monthly & Annual Pass Available!



Get clear on your next chapter & discover which of our trainings is the best fit to help you get there

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What is Ayurveda Health & Life Coaching?

Essentially, it's a total life-make-over! 

More than just a career path, it's a way of orienting towards life which creates continuous personal growth and provides you the skillsets, mindset, and support necessary to actualize your soul's deepet yearnings in all areas of your life.

Heal Your Wheel of Life

During our Ayurveda Life Mastery trainings, students focus on healing the areas of their life which are most in need of healing including: 

  • Health
  • Love
  • Calling (Dharma/Purpose)
  • Family, Friends & Community
  • Impact
  • Abundance
  • Vision & Time Management
  • Home & Belongings
  • Spiritual and Personal Growth
  • Fun, Adventure & Creativity
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Giving Back

We put our money where our heart is.  Healing the planet, animals, children, women, veterans and people in need is a priority for us! Each year the Institute gives 10% of its profits to charitable organizations which are in alignment with the vision we hold for the future.  This means that the trainings you take through the Institute not only enrich your life and that of your family, and community, but our planet at large.  

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