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8 Ways Gratitude Enhances Your Well Being

lifestyle philosophy Nov 23, 2021


🍂 8 Ways Gratitude Enhances Your Well Being 🍂


As many of us know, gratitude feels good. And as science is proving more everyday, gratitude affects both our psychology as well as our physiology.  Below are 8 ways gratitude has been shown to enhance our wellbeing.  Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on and embrace the daily or morning practice of gratitude.  There is no better practice to create a life of health and happiness than to embrace gratitude in your heart all throughout the day.


8 Ways Gratitude Enhances Your Well Being:

Enhanced Immunity

Better Sleep

Improved Relationships

Enhanced Empathy

Reduced Depression, Frustration, Regret, Envy

Stronger Self Esteem

Decreased Doctors Visits

Enhanced Optimism & Overall Happiness!

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