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Spices for Spring & for Reducing Kapha

recipes Mar 31, 2021
Masala Dab - Ayurveda Spices for Spring


Spring time is upon us in the northern hemisphere.  It's time to increase your spicing to strengthen digestion, burn away toxins, and open your bodily channels so the toxins can flow out easily. Kapha heavy watery earthy qualities dominate the environment, your body and your mind at this time. It's a great time to plant the seeds you're wanting to manifest for the year, but just like in your backyard garden, first the weeds need to be plucked before fertilizing, planting or watering;  otherwise, you'll end up with very happy weeds - which in the body equate to more troubles.

Some spices and culinary herbs 🌿 you might consider to balance kapha dosha are listed below. They will lighten your body and mind, allow your energy (prana) to flow more easily and will assist with the natural detox this time of year beckons.

 Spring Spices & Culinary Herbs:

  • turmeric

  • fenugreek (leaves and seeds)

  • cardamom

  • black pepper

  • ginger or sunthi (for the vatas/pittas)

  • cinnamon

  • clove

  • allspice

  • kalunji

  • thyme

  • oregano

  • parsley

  • basil

  • mint

  • cilantro

  • thai green chilis

🌺Have fun in the kitchen,




(PS if you don't have a masala dab - spice container like the one pictured here, you can find them on Amazon - you open one lid and access many spices all at once making cooking with lots of spices so simple)

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