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Ayurveda Bugout Bag Must Haves...

lifestyle Sep 17, 2020

 Top 3 Ayurveda Bugout Bag Must Haves:

1.  Oil, Oil, Oil!

  • Oil applied to your skin, supports the deep release of stress and tension and deactivates your nervous system our of fight-or-flight sympathetic nerve response, and softens it into "rest & digest" parasympathetic mode. 
    Calm and rejuvenate your nervous system 1-2 times a day by receiving an ayurveda daily warm oil massage from yourself.
  • You can also use the oil to: protect your nasal passage, and protect then and your lungs from smoke/debris/dirt inhalation and calm your mind
  • to cook with anywhere anytime, to lubricate anything you may need
  • 1ts-1 Tbs taken orally before bed in warm water or milk to keep the bowels moving and keep your immunity strong
  • as a common lubricant for nearly any utilitarian purpose in a pinch!
  • My favorite will always be one container of ghee and one of sesame oil! - 8oz of each if possible.

Lavender Essential Oil

  • Lavender essential oil has suuuuch a wide variety of uses:
  • to cool/heal burns on the skin-one (one drop applied neat - directly to the skin, always test first for safety)
  • to heal skin infection/inflammation
  • to calm the mind and to support deep sleep (lavender essential oil is a naturally anxiolytic calms the nerves and anxiety and enhances sleep - apply few drops into your sesame oil/ghee and apply down your spine and sole's of your feet before bed), or...
  • to relieve stress/muscle/nerve pain, tension and inflammation:  apply neat (test first) or dilute into sesame/ghee and use for daily/nightly full body oil massage (6-12 drops/ounce of sesame/ghee)

Garam Masala Spice Mix

  • you can use it to cook and also it to stave off a cold.
  • If you start to feel like you're getting a cold, add a few pinches to a cup of hot water (with little honey if you can find it) and sip slowly to keep your bodily channels open, prevent mucus formation and reduce the doshas forming within your lymphatic system (where a cold begins)


Be good to yourself and stay safe, 


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