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Ayurveda Bone Broth Recipe

nutrition recipes Jun 15, 2021

Ayurvedic Bone Broth Recipe

Bone broth is a popular trend and an ancient medicinal food. So much of the time in modern culture we eat the meat and forgo some of the most nutrient dense parts of the animal - the bones and organs.

Bone broth is teeming with the minerals and nutrients needed to nourish and heal the deeper tissues of the body containing nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, glucosamine & chondroitin (to strengthen the bones, joints, connective tissues and cartilege), collagen (the most important and abundant structural protein in your body, the ‘glue’ that holds your body together including bones, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments & gut lining), amino acids including glutamine which heal the lining of the gut, and fat soluble vitamins A, K2, omega-3s, omega-6s and minerals such as manganese, zinc, selenium, boron and iron (which nourish nerves, blood, eyes, immune, etc).

Plus, the microscopic “villi” of the intestines are made of collagen. Since approximately 80% of your immune system is in your gut, bone broth is excellent for those with weak immunity. Bone broth heals your gut then your gut heals your bones, immune, etc. In Ayurveda we know there is a dynamic and powerful relationship between the gut lining (purishadhara kala) and the bones. Science has confirmed this.

To conclude, bone broth eaten consistently on a regular basis over time helps to BUILD STRONG BONES, TEETH, HAIR, NAILS, JOINTS, SKIN, CONNECTIVE TISSUES, NERVES, GUT LINING AND IMMUNE SYSTEM. 

For those suffering from weak intestinal integrity, bone broth strengthens the cellular structure of the epithelial lining of the gut preventing toxins from entering into the system and enhancing the integrity of the gut to heal itself, to re-grow a healthy gut microbiome, and, thus, enhancing its ability to fully absorb and assimilate nutrients. 








Pressure cooking cooks things under high pressure and low temperature.  This is ideal for cooking bone broths as the low heat prevents the precious marrow in the center of the bones from oxidizing.  Just be sure not to use an electric pressure cooker such as an instapot.  The problem with electric pressure cookers as that all the EMF (electric toxins) get absorbed over the hour or time they cook, into the substance being cooked.  In this case - the food which will become your bones and nerves and immune system.  Not a good choice unless you want to drive those electric toxins directly into your nerves and bones!

Many of the nutrients found in bone broth are some of the most nourishing the body can receive; however, they are also some of the heaviest and hardest to breakdown, and assimilate.  That's why, after you pressure cook your bones, be sure to blend them and strain them if necessary.  I prefer a hand immersion blender.  That way, I don't have to wait until the broth is cool to blend it.  The purpose of the blending is to pulverize the bones and marrow rending their minerals and nutrients into the smallest micro-nutrients possible so that you can abosorb them easier.  Blending the bones also breaks them apart so you can fully utilize all the marrow present within them.  This is where the gold lies for your healing your nervous system and immune system.





  • ½ pound of chicken or goat bones (organic, drumsticks, back or wings, are best) - buy only organic certified humane pasture raised

  • 16 oz spring water (or enough to cover)

  • ¼ tsp salt or to taste

  • ¼ tsp turmeric powder

  • ¼ tsp cumin seeds

  • Optional (omit if you don’t have it): 1 tsp dried and powdered pomegranate seeds (if you can find), or get anardhana powder from Indian grocery


  • Pressure Cooker Method (Best method because pressure cookers cook under pressure with lowest minimal heat. This will prevent the precious oils in the bone marrow from oxidizing. Best to use normal pressure cooker that requires gas flame to cook. Instapots are popular but heat via electricity. They will drive EMF toxins deep into your bones and marrow when you cook your bone soup in them.): Combine all ingredients in pressure cooker, cover & cook under pressure approximately 60 minutes, then let it come back down to normal pressure naturally for approx. 20-30 minutes or more minutes.  You’ll have to experiment with how long they take you to cook in your pressure cooker. You want them to dissolve between your fingers.

  • Cool to warm then blend (immersion blender is easiest), strain (if still chunky), garnish with little fresh squeezed lime juice, adjust salt and spices to taste

  • Alternate Slow Cooker Method: Cook in slow cooker overnight or on medium for approximately 2-3 hours or longer as needed so that bones dissolve between your fingers

  • Blend using hand-immersion blender, or once it cools, in a blender or vita mix to pulverize bones as much as you can without breaking blender.

  • Strain mixture to remove larger clots and bone fragments

  • Garnishes: Add the juice of 1 lime (if your lime is hard and not juicy enough, then add 2) For added flavor and to better target the fat soluble bone marrow you may add the following for enhanced nutritional delivery: dash of olive oil, or ghee and ½-1 tsp Mum’s Masala and adjust taste as desired

  • Tips: Eat this 3-7 times per week (or as suggested by your SVAyurveda Practitioner. Serving size is ½ cup or little more as desired. You can add steamed veges or meat to this base. Just don’t cook with this stock as it will oxidize the marrow. Why crush/pulverize the bones? This makes it easier for the bone marrow to be more readily available to the body. Marrow will turn the broth milky white after you blend it. Turmeric also helps to derive and bind the molecules of the bone marrow, so it becomes very easy on the liver. Pomegranate and cumin are considered to be “grahee” in Ayurveda, meaning: they enhance absorption. In this sense, they help absorb the nutrients faster. When you are cooking the broth with the lid on, the temperature inside the pot releases steam that also helps make the bone marrow more available in the broth. This recipe will build asthi, majja, and ojas and provide raw material for shukra, meaning it will build bones, nerves and marrow, immune system and provide raw material for reproductive tissue, ie in case of in ability to conceive.


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