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Welcome to Shaktidetox...


Deep Ayurvedic Rest & Renewal

of Your BODY & HEART.

Summer Module

(Pitta, Chemical Toxins & Acidic Toxins Removal)

 July 12 - 26

(3 Tuesdays, 10am-12pm PT)

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What is Shaktidetox and Who's it for?...

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Experience Deep Rest & Renewal of Your Body

Imagine shedding layers of inflammation, chemical toxins, acidic toxins, tension, stress, from your body while re-establishing deep rest, renewal and a nurturing routine into your daily life.


Clear the Clutter from Your Home

Together we'll be decluttering our homes creating space for who it is we're leaping into. 

BONUS: ($99 Value)

Downloadable Ayurveda Detox Foods Course

Learn special ayurveda detox foods and recipes to incorporate into your Shaktidetox (2 videos lessons + 10 recipes)

Course Details...

Hi, I'm Rose, Your Guide...

Deeply Caring for Ourself is the Foundation of Caring for Others...

Join our global community of big-hearted serial-givers who come together to be nourished, rejuvenated, re-centered and reminded that receiving is a sacred act. We come together for 3-weeks three times a year to be reminded of our own importance and to find a safe space to share our challenges and release our old beliefs, and emotional, physical and vibrational toxins. Reconnect to your own inner medicine and to mother nature and to ayurveda "the mother of all medicines". Receive the support you need to feel deeply nourished and renewed from like-minded peers and experienced guides.



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