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Susie Clayton's Ayurveda Journey Year 2

It is nothing short of miraculous to watch the transformation of Ayurvedic Living School students after they've spent a year or two learning and applying Ayurveda to their bodies, lives and relationships. Susie Clayton is definitely a stand out this year as her dedication to her path of healing has truly transformed her health & her life. Wanna shine like Susie? Check out our upcoming Ayurveda Life Mastery Health & Life Coach training now enrolling. For extra fun, check out Susie's year 1 ayurveda testimonial from the AYURVEDA LIFE MASTERY page and compare it to Susie's year 2 ayurveda testimonial above.  Thank you Susie for being a shining example of the transformation that is possible when you are committed to your healing path and for modeling self-love in action!