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Weekly Ayurveda Self-Care Sessions


Bimonthly Ayurveda Cooking Classes


Seasonal Self-Care Retreats & Celebrations



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Included in Your Membership:


  • Weekly Ayurveda Self-Care Sessions

  • Bimonthly Ayurveda Cooking Lessons (recipes included)
  • Seasonal Self-Care Retreats & Celebrations
  •  Archive of all Video Recordings, Recipes & Handouts from previous months (24-hour virtual classroom access)


Your Experience

Weekly Self-Care Sessions

Experience weekly deep relaxation and restoration thru our communitywide hands-on ayurveda self-care sessions. Each week we'll be embracing ayurveda warm oil self-massage and other seasonal self-care practices as we move throughout the seasons. Self-care practices are taught both from traditional ayurveda and beyond. Including things like warm oil self-massage, dry brush, herbal scrubs, aromatic herbal baths, reflexology, self-marma massage, tapping, facial steams, breast massage, muscle testing, reflexology, aromatherapy and more.

Bimonthly Ayurveda Cooking Lessons with Xiommy Rohena & Sandhiya Ramaswamy

Learn to make ayurveda staple foods as we move throughout each season. We'll be making ghee, yogurt, kitcharis, soups/dhals, veggie dishes, chutneys, ayurveda salads, desserts, breads and more for each season.  All recipes are available within the class portal for you to download, print, and shop so you can cook live along with us each month.

Seasonal Self-Care Retreats & Celebrations

Mark the changing of the season in community, celebration, ritual and learning. Learn best foods, self-care practices and philosophy of how to optimize your health and transformation thru each season of the year and your life with senior teachers. 

What our students are saying...

"As crazy as it sounds, I was afraid of food, and definitely afraid of cooking meals. During the program, I learned how to chop and cook vegetables, how to use spices, and how to make meals. I learned to become aware of and appreciative of everything that I put into my body. I now love to cook."~ Anne Allen, Ayurveda Cooking Classes attendee


"I already cook a lot, so the highlights for me were learning about ayurvedic methods of cooking, spices, and learning Ayurvedic principles as applied to cooking. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy! The workshop was fun and inspiring." ~ Katie More"

~ Katie Moore ~
Ayurveda Cooking Class Student

"As crazy as it sounds, I was afraid of food, and definitely afraid of cooking meals. During the program, I learned how to chop and cook vegetables, how to use spices, and how to make meals. I learned to become aware of and appreciative of everything that I put into my body. I now love to cook."~ Anne Allen, Ayurveda Cooking Classes attendee"

~ Anne Allen ~
Ayurveda Cooking Class Attendee

"I am so very grateful to have found Ayurveda. I love everything about it. Nothing has ever felt so right to me. This is exactly where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing...having this background and tools to use allows me to truly take care of my patients and I am so grateful to be able to use this to help people."

~ Amanda Gray ~
Ayurveda Cooking Student

"Since class, I've been cooking up a storm! I make Yoghurt, paneer, subji's, chai's and all kinds of wonderful things! I really enjoyed learning new information about food and nutrition! I've been making ALL kinds of food using the 6 tastes. It has been the key to making the most wonderful tasting/nourishing food I've ever made! Feeling blessed to have gained such wonderful knowledge! I am hoping to possibly have my mom come out to take it with me again! I think she could really benefit! Plus its just a wonderful over all experience! Also, I really many recipes! and sharing the space with everyone!” ~ Lucy Howell, Ayurveda Cooking Class Attendee"

~ Lucy Howell ~
Ayurveda Cooking Student

"I am so happy to have the tools to create nutritious meals for my family. The information I received is invaluable. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you!" ~Karena Gore"

~ Karena Gore ~
Ayurveda Cooking Student

"It was wonderful, educational, and delish! Highlight was the meals-obviously!! Meeting new people, feeling all the love from the food while learning of its intelligence and conscious preparation. The recipes are a must have!”, -Samantha Dudman-Miller"

~ Samantha Dudman-Miller ~
Ayurveda Cooking Student

"Thank you for bringing us all together in a sacred space to prepare beautiful meals and build lovely much needed community. I appreciate you!" ~ Keri Sheppeard"

~ Kerri Sheppeard ~
Ayurveda Cooking Student

"I learned so much. I’ve been cooking lots of Ayurvedic food at home and have starting teaching some of the concepts in my cooking class at work too! Hands-on cooking was great. Learning about the health benefits of each food and each spice. I loved the take-away points (how we can incorporate it into our lives at home). This course was worth my time and money and I would recommend this course to a peer. The Ayurveda Cooking Class exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Not only did I learn about how Indians have used food as medicine for thousands of years, but I got to cook the food myself and enjoy a healing feast every night. We were given all the recipes along with practical advice about how to incorporate the Ayurvedic diet into the Western lifestyle. I have changed the way I cook for myself at home (which my friends and family love!), but I have also incorporated what I learned into my professional practice as a dietitian. This is a very educational as well as practical course. And plus, it’s lots of fun! ? Tessa Thralls, Ayurveda Cooking Student"

~ Tessa Thralls ~
Ayurveda Cooking Student

"What I love the most about Ayurveda is not only the tools and knowledge I now possess, but the fact that by doing all these things for myself, I have really let my body know that I honor it and love it. Amy Schultz"

Amy Shultz
Ayurveda Cooking Class Attendee

Meet Your Ayurveda Luminary Guides!

Each of our teachers brings their own unique strengths to our community experience with background in complementary fields as well as ayurveda including Yoga, Psychology & Life-Coaching and more!

Vijaya Stern - Seasons of Your Life Retreats & Pulse

Mamta Landerman - Seasons of Your Life Retreats

Sandhiya Ramaswamy - Ayurveda Cooking

Xiommy Rohena ~ Cooking

Lynn Hanger - Self-Care

Mia Hamilton - Self-Care

Mariam Balasubramanian - Self-Care

Chase Hyson - Self-Care

Sonia Auld - Self-Care

Dates & Details:


Ayurveda Self-care Sessions:

Meet: Every Friday, 10:45-11:45am PT


 Ayurveda Cooking Classes:

Meet: 1st & 3rd Fridays, 3:15-4:45pm PT w/Xiommy Rohena & Sandhiya Ramaswamy


Seasonal Self-Care Retreats, Rituals & Celebrations

September 30 (9am-5pm PT): Fall Divine Mother Retreat w/Vijaya Stern


Ancestor Honoring Rituals: 

Sept 9 (w/Sarita Rocco) &

Sept 23 (w/Mamta Landerman)

3:30-5pm PT


*Attend what you can. Everything is recorded. 


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