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"I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in Ayurveda and wants to learn more about nurturing and empowering oneself. The combination of in-class and online makes the program easily accessible. I learned a deep knowledge of Ayurveda and myself and made great friends along the way."

~ Amber Lucero ~
Ayurveda Health and Life Coach Trainings & Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings Graduate

"My emotional health has improved drastically. Learning the power of my thoughts and actions as well as diet has on my emotional well being is profound. I feel less reactive, judgemental and more empowered to have control over my mind. I feel more tuned in to how everything affects my body. I feel more connected and have better physical health and digestion. I received more knowledge than I expected and tools to help along this path. It changed the way I look at life. I enjoyed every part of the journey."

~ Ayurveda Health and Life Coach Trainings Graduate ~

"Being Part of the Ayurveda Health and Life Coach trainings have been a joy and a wonderful personal growth opportunity. Ayurveda touches so many aspects of life; health, happiness, spirituality, nutrition, lifestyle, connection with nature and community, the list goes on and on. Learning with this group has been a beautiful experience and I look forward to sharing the knowledge with others into the future."

~ Valerie Allen ~
Ayurveda Health and Life Coach Trainings Graduate

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