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All purchases are final. Due to the instant access to herbal remedies recipes and shopping/vendor list and video archive, no refunds are permitted.

Liability Release:

I hereby waive any present and/or future claims of liability against the Ayurvedic Living School, its instructors and/or Traci Webb. This includes any claim that may arise out of any recommendation(s) including but not limited to: detox therapy, herb(s), foods, oils, essential oils and/or lifestyle suggestion(s). 

Supply Fees

Supply fees may vary depending on where you live, purchase your supplies, and which remedies you choose to make with us. Some supplies may be sourced from your own kitchen (oils, ghees, milk) or garden (flowers, aloe), others you may choose to purchase from your local health food store, or herbal vendor (ie, shatavari, brahmi, vegetable glycerin). A complete shopping & vendor list will be provided upon registration. Average supply fees are estimated to be approximately $50 USD. Individual experience may vary. 

Course Content & Privacy

Course content, including but not limited to videos, audios, handouts, course workbooks, PDFs, and guided meditations are non-transferable and cannot be shared. Students receive access to their course via a student login. Students are not permitted to share their student login information with friends, family or anyone.

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The school reserves the right to take and use photographs, recordings and testimonials and to use those photographs, recordings and testimonials in the school’s marketing. 

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Ayurveda Herbal & Aromatic Product Making Live - 2024 (Summer/Pitta)

What you'll get:

  • 2-Days (14 hours) of Live Online Step-by-Step Instruction in making 14 Ayurveda Herbal & Aromatic Products.

  • Learn to make:

  • Shatavari Gulam (women's reproductive tonic jam)

  • Rose petal jam

  • Shatavari and Brahmi ghee

  • Flower & Herb Infused Aromatic Body Oils

  • Soothing Moon Milks

  • Glycerite Tinctures

  • Aloe Remedies for Beauty & Reproduction

  • Aromatic Body Lotion

  • Nasya Oils

  • Nourishing Enema Oils & Ghees

  • Aromatic Body Butters

  • Aromatic Salt & Sugar Scrubs

  • Aromatic Bath Salts

  • Aromatic Facial Moisturizers (Day Cream)

  • Aromatic Night Facial Serums

  • Aromatic Skin/Pain Salves

  • Aromatic Lip Balms

  • Downloadable PDF of All Recipes made in class

  • Downloadable PDF Shopping List & Vendor List w/discount codes so you can easily buy what you need at your local health store or online thru our favorite vendors.

  • Lifetime access to all video and audio recordings to guide you again and again

Your Guide:

Jennifer Wiest

Ayurvedic Living School Teacher, Lead Intern Supervisor & Graduate of our Ayurveda Life Mastery Health & Life Coach Trainings, Ayurveda Herbalist Trainings, Certified Aromatherapist & Massage Therapist, founder and the creatrix of Amrita Botanicals, her ayurveda-inspired aromatic product line where she incorporates her homegrown and home distilled herbs, essential oils and hydrosols.


What People Are Saying:

“I am so pleased to write to your school about my time spent with Traci for this course. I couldn’t be happier to have jumped in on a whim and be a part of this. It is amazing how much I can do with this knowledge shared with me and I truly look forward to taking more programs with your school and spread Ayurveda to anyone who enters my life. It really is my calling and it has manifested after years of thinking of this path, YAY! THANK YOU for helping to guide me in the direction I seek. It truly blows my mind how all of this has been such an intuitive process for me and how it entered my life. I am so thankful. ”

Hayley Miller

“I have taken the Ayurvedic Medicine Making course with Traci and her awesome team. During the course I got to learn hands-on to make Chyawanprash, kalpa, herbal tinctures, medicinal honey balls, medicated ghee and abhyanga oil. All the instructors were very knowledgeable about the process. I could see that they truly loved and enjoyed what they demoed. I benefitted by learning great home remedies to ward off colds and coughs this coming winter season. I also learnt a yummy abhyanga massage oil preparation to stay grounded this fall season. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to prepare their own high quality ayurvedic herbal remedies for a fraction of the price.”

Swati Popuri

Thank you Traci for one of the most demystifying experiences on making our own herbal medicine! I loved every minute of this class. Such a wealth of Ayurvedic wisdom was packed in one day! It’ll take me years for all that knowledge to get integrated into my life. Thank you to your beautiful helpers Jennifer and Selena for such lovely presentations on medicine making! If anyone out there is interested in demystifying supplements and herbal medicine making for themselves, this class is definitely the one where anyone can get the most practical skills and knowledge! Thanks again Traci for offering your wisdom to all of us willing to learn 🙏💞”

Irina Ristenpart