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 Ayurveda Business & Teacher Training Mentorship Program

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Starts: April 17, 2025


Move from Lost to Launch...

If You're an Ayurveda Graduate, Student, Practitioner, Teacher, or Influencer Wanting to Clarify, Create and Launch Your Private Ayurveda Practice, Group Coaching Program, Course, Workshop, Podcast, Product Line or Book While Learning, Practicing & Refining Your Skills of Communicating and Teaching Ayurveda One-to-One and One-to-Many this is Your Program!

Increase Your Income & Your Impact!

Your Experience Includes....

Module 1:

Business Mindset Mastery

Discover key mindset shifts to unlock your professional potential and step into professional visibility. Building your business is a spiritual experience which requires growing you! Business is the path of karma yoga. Few things will evolve you more than committing to launching your dreams out into the world and witnessing who you become in the process.

Module 2:

Business Manifestation Mastery

Clarify your niche market and who you're here to serve & create your Ayurveda Lifestyle Business Design. Design your business around your self-care and wellness focused lifestyle for both enhanced health, happiness, and abundance.

Module 3:

Business & Teaching Essentials

Explore & Create Your Business Values, Mission Statement, & Tagline, and Gain Niche Clarity. Explore Business Entities, Insurance, Taxation & Legal Support Options. Register Your Business Entity. BONUS: Live Legal & Ethical Issues of Practicing Ayurveda Workshop with Traci Webb & Mary Thompson Included. Learn Teaching Essentials step-by-step.

Module 4:

5 Elements of Business & Teaching

Discover the 5 Elements of Business, Coaching Program & Product Design so that you understand thru the vedic lens, how a business idea is clarified, created and launched step-by-step. Conduct fast and simple business, book & product research to discover which of your business ideas are most viable as a business.

Module 5:

Business & Teaching Models

Explore Business & Teaching Model options for building and sharing your business, course, workshops, coaching programs, product lines and more. Discover which business & teaching model is best for you given your personal & professional needs around wellbeing, self-care, relationships, time with family, vacation, wealth and impact and more. 

Module 6:


Clarify and create your business branding package including business name, logo, colors, photos, and fonts for use in all your marketing materials including your website, product line, book, signage, brochures, business cards, flyers, workshops, course & coaching packages. Receive direct support from peers and from Traci in selecting the best name, logos, colors, etc for your business. Teaching practice beings in group pods.

Module 7:

Designing Your Offering

Design your ayurveda offering of choice step-by-step whether it be an ayurveda workshop series, course, coaching program, product/product line, or book with the help of our master teachers and your peer support pod. Refined teaching strategies and skills will be taught.

Module 8:

Business Technologies 1

For tech minimalists wanting to learn and use the minimal amount of tech necessary to run their ayurveda business. Understand essential programs/products/companies needed to run your ayurveda business such as your client scheduler, client handouts, contact list, and website. Explore our favorite companies, why we use them, how  we use them, and get a behind the scenes demo on how to use them yourself.

Module 9:

Business Technologies 2 

Explore the more advanced options for streamlined systems integrations for those more smitten with tech or wanting to create a more robust and systematized ayurveda business, course, program or product line.   Includes demo of systems explored.

Module 10:

 Business Marketing 1 

Explore Traditional and Modern Marketing Methods, Pros/Cons of Each, Create Your "Lead Magnet", Learn Essentials of Ad Creation "Copy" for Your Marketing Materials, and Explore a Demo of Each System We Recommend.

Module 11:

Business Marketing 2

Learn Moon Marketing‚ĄĘÔłŹ Feminine System of Marketing We Recommend, How to Exponentially Amplify Your Visibility, Learn How to Create & Schedule Your Marketing Calendar, and Learn Advanced Marketing Options Including Summits, Podcasts and More!

Module 12:

Graduation & Celebration!

Students will be presenting and teaching this month their "graduation project" in their pods and class all that they have created and learned during the training. This is a month of celebration!

Meet Your Guides:

Traci Webb - School Founder, Business Training Retreats

Traci will be mentoring you in our monthly Ayurveda Business Essentials retreats throughout the program. Traci has created 5 thriving ayurveda businesses since 1997 including: 2 Ayurveda Wellness Centers & Panchakarma Retreat Centeres, an Ayurveda Herbal Product Line, an Ayurveda Cooking School & an Ayurveda Professional Training School. She has had both in-person (brick and mortar) as well as online virtual ayurveda businesses.  She's also sold an ayurveda business. Traci has been teaching ayurveda for 27 years and has written several ayurveda textbooks which are used in the Ayurvedic Living School's courses. Traci's beyond thrilled to share and guide you through how joyful and spiritually enriching creating an ayurveda business can be. She's thrilled to share the easier, softer, feminine path to clarifying, creating, launching & sustaining the ayurveda business which lights your soul on fire and meets a deep need within your community. You'll learn Traci's special feminine ayurveda elemental system that not only nourishes YOU body, mind, heart, and soul, but will also exponentially increase your income and your impact.

Mary Thompson - "Teacher of Teachers", Teacher Training Retreats

Mary will be teaching the monthly teacher training retreats throughout the program. Mary has her teaching credential and was classically trainined as a teacher. She has been teaching ayurveda for over 30 years throughout many different ayurveda instiutions including training ayurveda professionals across the US and beyond. She is a teacher of many of the ayurveda teachers in this country and has a passion for teaching ayurveda teachers and sharing her lifetime of accumulated wisdom.

Lynn Hanger - Monthly Hands-on Module Integration & Workshopping Retreats

Lynn is passionate about helping ayurveda to spread far and wide and brings her exxperience building her own ayurveda business and coaching program and teaching as well as her inspiration and personal touch to our month hands-on Business Builder Retreats. 

Monthly Ayurveda Secret Sauce Sessions with Guest Mentors

Every other month, we'll be visited by a very special guest mentor who'll share her 30+ years of ayurveda secret sauce on building and sustaining their own thriving ayurveda business, coaching program or product line, as well as their teaching and communication tips, tricks and strategies for sharing ayurveda in a way which is user-friendly and easily understandable in both their clinical practice one-on-one with clients as well in public workshops and classes. Guests Include: Vijaya Stern, Mary Thompson, Mamta Landerman, Melina Mishra, Sandhiya Ramaswamy, Rose Carol, Anjali Deva & Sarah Kruse, and More!





Dates:  April 17, 2025 - March 26, 2026

Meets: 3-4 Thursdays a month, (8am-12pm PT / 11am-3pm ET)

Earlybird Deadline (Saves $250!): September 27, 2024, 5pm PT/8pm ET

Registration Deadline: April 11, 2025, 5pm PT/8pm ET

No prerequisites required.  



4-Hour Business Training Retreat a Month with Traci Webb

4-Hour Teacher Training Retreat a Month with Mary Thompson

4-Hour Hands-on Integration & Professional Support Session a Month with Lynn Hanger

4-Hour Ayurveda Guest Mentor Session every other month (June-February)



4-Week Niche Clarity Retreat with Traci Webb

3 Private Business Coaching Sessions with Guest Mentors (2 with Lynn Hanger & 1 with a mentor of your choice!)

Professional Peer Support & Accountability Pod

Lifetime Access to All Video Recordings of All Live Classes (for you to watch and rewatch later)

Course Certificate of Completion



Investment Options:


Option 1: Pay In-Full

Earlybird: $4247 by 9/2 7/24 (Saves $752!) OR
Registration Deadline: $4497 by 4/11/25  (Saves $502!)

Option 2: Payplan

Earlybird: $4749 by 9/27/24, (Saves $250!), $100 deposit saves your spot, then $357.62/month for 13 months starting 4/11/15, OR
Registration Deadline: $4999 by 4/11/25, $100 deposit saves your spot, and then $376.85/month for 13 months starting 4/11/25

To Register:

Step 1: Submit Your $100 Non-Refundable Deposit to Save Your Spot. Your $100 deposit will be deducted from your total due. Payment remainder will deduct automatically starting 4/11/25 and each month thereafter until paid in full.
Step 2: Email [email protected] to let the Ayurvedic Living School know which payment option you choose (Option 1 or 2)¬†¬†


Space is limited. Early registration advised.

You're the best investment you'll ever make!


Submit your $100 non-refundable deposit below to register and save your spot. Your deposit will be deducted from your total.

Days 'til Earlybird Deadline which is 9/27/24 (SAVES $250!)...

~ Move From Lost to Launch Creating the Lucrative Ayurveda Business of Your Dreams! ~










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