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 Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma  Training

 2024 Program Now Enrolling!


Activate Your Inner Bliss...

 Learn to administer ayurveda's most powerful hands-on massage, spa & panchakarma therapies & to design customized panchakarma detox and rejuvenation programs. 

Expand Your Offerings...

Join us for our 2024 Training!!

Therapies You'll Learn & Experience Include...


(Warm Oil Massage)


(Mind & Hair Therapy)



"The Queen of Therapies"

(Full Body Oil Anointing)

Pinda Swedana

(Herbal Bolus Massage)

2 Types:

1 - Detoxifying

2 - Extreme Ojas Building



(Nasal Therapy)

Hrid Basti

(Heart Bath)


(Herbal Powder Scrub)


(Fully Body Herbal Steam)

with Essential Oils


(Silk Glove Massage)

Eye Basti

(Eye Bath Therapy)

Shiro Basti

(Head Annointing Therapy)

Katti Basti

(Lower Back Therapy)

or Knee, or Neck or Chakra Bath Therapy of Choice

Karna Purna

(Ear Bath Therapy)

Subtle & Adjunct Therapies:

Marma Therapy Level 1

 Healing Mantras Level 1

Essential Oils Level 1

& Hot Towels Level 1

Panchakarma Therapies:

All 5 Cleansing Actions will be covered in-depth. Including: Basti (enema), Virechana (purgation), Vamana (emesis), Rakta Moksha (traditional and modern blood cleansing techniques) &  Nasya (nasal therapies).

NOTE: you will give and receive nasya therapy; however, you will not be administering the other 4 cleansing therapies. You will have the option of self-administering the other 4 therapies during our seasonal Shaktidetoxes. If there is an interest, we can do a demonstration of basti (enema) administration at our live practicum. 


Part A: Foundations

Foundations of Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma Technician Training

3-Month Online Training

with Traci Webb

March 28 - June 13, 2024

Registration Deadline: March 26, 2024, 5pm PT


  • 3-Month Online Training PLUS 1-day closing circle

  • Meets: Last & Second Thursdays of Each Month, 9am-5pm PT, March 25 - June 13, 2024 + Closing Circle & Graduation on August 1, 2024, 9am-5pm PT

  • All Classes are Recorded in case you cannot attend live

  •  24-Hour lifetime access to video recordings

  • Learn : Complete Ayurveda massage & panchakarma theory & marma level 1

  • Learn what herbs, oils, dosage, timing, of each massage bodywork & panchakarma therapy, PLUS, how to design panchakarma detox & rejuvenation programs, protocols for administering 5 panchakarma therapies & how to design and recommend specific ayurveda bodywork therapies therapeutically

  • Includes: Foundations of Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma Training Manual written by Traci Webb, delivered to your doorstep!

  • Investment: $2499 (or Bundle Part A + B & get Part B Practicum for $2249 - Saves $250!)

  • See Syllabus for Details
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Part B: Practicum 

Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma Technician Training Practicum

2-Week In-Person

Hands-on Retreat Practicum

with Traci Webb

July 8 - 12 & 15 - 19, 2024

Registration Deadline: May 23, 2024 


  • Experience practicing, receiving and demonstration of all above ayurveda massage & bodywork therapies

  • Location: Humboldt County, Northern California, Details: TBA by June 30, 2024
  • Dates: July 8-12 & 15-19, 2024, two straight weeks Monday-Friday, with weekend off in between, 9am-5/6pm PT with lunch from 12-2. Orientation & Massage Body Mechanics Training: Thursday, June 27, 9am-5pm PT
  • Includes: Lunch & Dinner of Kitchari with Veggies & Chutney Included Daily

  • Includes: Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma Technician Training Manual written by Traci Webb

  • Investment: $2,499 (or $2249 when you bundle Part A + B-Saves $250! Bundle Total: $4748)
  • See Syllabus for details
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What our students are saying...

"Your class opened up a whole new world for me.  It was a world I didn’t even know existed or believed was possible.  Before I found your class, I had this constant feeling of searching that had been overwhelming me for quite sometime.  I felt I was searching for something but I didn’t know what it was.  I was feeling so unfulfilled.  Looking back on it now I know I was searching for my path, I just didn’t know what it was yet.  Your class helped me to find this path.  I have since embarked on a path of self healing and exploration beyond anything I ever thought possible.  I have found myself and it will always be due to the fact that I found you and your classes and all the wonderful friends I made there. Thank you so much Traci for everything you do and everything you are. ~ Amanda Gray, Ayurveda Massage Program Graduate

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Meet Your Guides:

Traci Webb - School Founder, Lead Instructor

Traci is the Ayurvedic Living School Founding Director, Program Curriculum Designer, Author of the Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma Training Manuals & is a long-time Ayurveda Massage & Panchakarma Practitioner in practice since 1997. She's also been a Ayurveda Massage & PK Teacher Since 2000. She  has 1000s of hours Facilitating Ayurveda Massage & Panchakarma Retreats and has taught Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma Therapies since 2000. Applicable healing modalities Traci's is certified in include: Panchakarma Therapies Administration, Panchakarma Program Design, Panchakarma Body Work & Panchakarma Technician Certification, Massage Therapy including 2 years of Marma Therapy certification training, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Deep-Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Reiki & Aromatherapy certifications.

Jennifer Wiest - Teaching Assistant for Ayurveda Massage Practicum Training

Jennifer is the Community Director for the Ayurvedic Living School who Graduated from the Ayurveda Massage & Panchakarma Practicum Training in 2012. She has been administering Ayurveda Massage Therapies ever since. Jennifer is also the proprietress of an Ayurveda-inspired aromatic self-care product line.


Part A: Foundations

Foundations of Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma

3-Month Online Training

Meets: March 28 - June 13, 2024

(Last & 2nd Thursdays Each Month, 9am-5pm PT, Lunch: 12-2)

Investment: $2499 (Solo)

(Bundle Discount: $4748 for Part A + Part B - Saves $250!)

Deadline: March 26, 2024, 5pm PT



Part B: Practicum

Ayurveda Massage, Marma & Panchakarma Technician Training (Live Practicum)

2-Week In-Person Retreat Practicum Training

Dates: July 8-12 & 15-19, 2024

2 Straight Weeks, Monday-Friday

9am-5/6pm PT (lunch: 12-2), No class the weekend in between

+ Online Orientation & Massage Body Mechanics Training Day: June 27, 9-5pm PT, lunch 12-2pm

Investment: $2499 (Solo)

(or $2249 w/Bundle Discount: $4748 for both A-Foundations + B-Practicum Trainings-Saves $250! - see below)

Registration Deadline: May 23, 2024


Part A+B: Bundle Discount

Foundations + Practicum Trainings


3-Month Online Training

March 28 - June 13, 2024

(last & 2nd Thursdays, 9am-5pm PT)



2-Week In-Person Retreat Practicum

July 8-12 & 15-19, 2024

2 Straight Weeks Monday-Friday

9am-5/6pm PT (lunch: 12-2), No class the weekend in between

+ 1-Day Orientation & Massage Body Mechanics Training: June 27, 9am-5pm PT


$4748 (Saves $250!)

Registration Deadline: March 26, 5pm PT




Space is limited. Early registration advised.

You're the best investment you'll ever make!

Registration Deadline: March 26, 2024

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